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red barn in Adirondack Mountains in autumn
One Last Look, Adirondack Loj Road

After an exhilarating day hiking in the majestic Adirondack High Peaks, I always felt a tiny pang of sadness in driving away. I would tell my sons to take “one last look” to keep with them until next time. Even though I said it for the children, it was mostly for me.

Author: Lynn Benevento

An airy mountain vista set in cool tones, or a close up view of a fragile woodland flower set in deep forest green, both are part of lynn benevento's vision of the Adirondacks. Her paintings are detailed realistic representations of the natural history of upstate New York. Although her paintings focus mainly on wildflowers, mountains and hot air balloons, lynn's work also includes rustic barns, and vestiges of the Delaware and Hudson rail.

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