cardinal flowers
Cardinal Flowers

I love wild flowers and looking for the treasured blossoms in the woods of my childhood home each spring.  We had many different woodland flowers, and through the years I was able to find more throughout the Adirondacks. But with all my searching, there were a few flowers I hadn’t seen. One of them was the cardinal flower. Friends told me where to look, but I never seemed to be at the right place at the right time to find them. One August day, we were visiting my Mom and Dad when my father mentioned that he had found some flowers I should see. He said that they were strikingly bright red, and I hoped they were the elusive cardinals. Dad took us to a wet area in the woods where the rich red flowers were thriving; cardinal flowers everywhere. They more beautiful than I had imagined, and were growing in our woods! We went back a few times through the years but they never have been as plentiful as that first year.  The last time I looked for them they had almost disappeared. I have found cardinal flowers in other places but only a few at a time, and never as wonderful as those at Mom and Dad’s.