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Canoe and pine trees on Lake Luzerne
Summer Reflections

Our friends have a double swimming dock with an electric motor. They have equipped the water craft with a table, some chairs, a ship’s wheel and a strand of mini lights. We thoroughly enjoy eating dinner while quietly traveling around Lake Luzerne. We relax and converse while watching the ever-changing scene as the sun gently dips out of sight. This painting is from one of those idyllic afternoons aboard the “Van Snooty”.

Author: Lynn Benevento

An airy mountain vista set in cool tones, or a close up view of a fragile woodland flower set in deep forest green, both are part of lynn benevento's vision of the Adirondacks. Her paintings are detailed realistic representations of the natural history of upstate New York. Although her paintings focus mainly on wildflowers, mountains and hot air balloons, lynn's work also includes rustic barns, and vestiges of the Delaware and Hudson rail.

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