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The Sacandaga Lake from Clutes Mountain
The Great Sacandaga Lake

As the title states, this is a view of the Great Sacandaga Lake from Clute’s Mountain on the North Shore. For years, people asked us if we’d been to the “other lookout” on the Sacandaga. We hadn’t, so we placed it on our long list of things to do. There was an old logging road to the summit but no place to park for access on the busy North Shore Road. My cousin Ron, and his wife Pam, have a place near there and told us they’d take us “sometime”. We would run into them through the years and agree that we should go, but like so many other things that sometime never seemed to come around. One bright sunny evening we were all at the Presbyterian Church in Lake Luzerne for one of their great public dinners when Ron again asked, “When are we going to go to Clute’s?” Gino and I just said, “Whenever you’re ready.” After dinner Ron and Pam asked, “How about right now?” Sometime had finally come.
Ron drove his new pickup truck slowly and carefully up the steep, boulder strewn road almost to the top. We hiked the short remaining distance and were greeted with this overwhelmingly beautiful sight. The evening sun caused some wonderful deep shadows on the mountains. We took a lot of photos and savored the panorama in the clear air. Someone had placed a coffee can containing a notebook under a rock for people to write their thoughts during their visits to this spectacular ledge, and share the experience.
If we hadn’t gone that night, we would never had made it there. A short time later this mountain was purchased and posted to all visitors. We’ll always be thankful that “sometime” finally came that evening.

Author: Lynn Benevento

An airy mountain vista set in cool tones, or a close up view of a fragile woodland flower set in deep forest green, both are part of lynn benevento's vision of the Adirondacks. Her paintings are detailed realistic representations of the natural history of upstate New York. Although her paintings focus mainly on wildflowers, mountains and hot air balloons, lynn's work also includes rustic barns, and vestiges of the Delaware and Hudson rail.

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