Dust accumulates on... 2. Best Way to Clean a Car: Pluck the Finish A car hurtling down the road at 60 mph becomes a dartboard for any crud in the air. This is a good place to start given carpets and floor mats tend to be the dirtiest. 11 Great Car Interior Cleaning Tips 1. Clean the Air Vents. Vacuuming will allow you to pick up the loose dirt and debris that is littering the interior. 3. Your vehicle's clear coat deflects some of it but can hold the sharper grit. If you have a decent vacuum cleaner and an assortment of cleaning products, you already... Carpets and Floor Mats. How to Clean Car Upholstery Before you can tackle the stains on your seats and car interior, you have to remove all the garbage and personal items from the car and vacuum all the surfaces of your vehicle. Move the Gear Shifter. Washing your car can leave windows looking streaky if you aren’t careful, so use a specific window cleaning formula to get them looking clear and shiny. How to Clean & Detail the Interior of Your Car - Best Tips & Tricks Cleaning Materials and Tools. If your windscreen is covered in caked-on bugs, then a bug remover is a good option, breaking down even the toughest baked-on insect graveyards. This is one of the easiest spots to miss, and you won’t notice it until you start driving! Washing removes the surface dirt, but clay-barring is the only way to pluck out the embedded stuff. A part of your car’s interior that is often overlooked is the air vents.