This beach is good to visit to watch sunrise and sunset. Most of the Indian folk art forms illustrate religious stories about God and Goddesses, and yet they are different from each other.

Show. Keep up with the latest Poompuhar News and Events. Our travels through the Buddhist trails of Tamil Nadu took us to Poompuhar, a small town (in Nagapattinam dist.

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Abhay mudra means offering protection to people who submit to her feets.

Poompuhar beach is the remaining of the glorious Chola kingdom. 0. View Listed Images . 33 years later, in December 2001, the statue made headlines when it … That statue of Kannagi was installed in 1968 when DMK first came to power, under CN Annadurai’s regime. Please copy & paste this embed code onto your site: Images must be attributed to Kannagi museum entrance in Poompuhar JEG6137.jpg 4,928 × 3,264; 5.67 MB Kannagi statue in Poompuhar 1 JEG6142.jpg 4,928 × 3,264; 6.73 MB Kannagi statue in Poompuhar 2 JEG6142 a.jpg 1,200 × 1,800; 925 KB Kannagi statue at the entrance at Poompuhar Want to use this image? Kannagi is an embodient of Virtue in Tamilnadu.

we can see Kannagi statue in Poompuhar where her right hand (Dakshina Hastam) is in Abhaya mudra . Traditionally natural colours, earth, charcoal and natural resources were used by artists to maintain the natural integrity of the art.

1458 Views . Poompuhar Beach. Painting. Kannagi statue at the entrance at Poompuhar. 0. antony123. Page: 1; 2; 3; Sort By. The left hand ( Vama Hastam) is in Kati mudra or Kati Vilambitha mudra. Listed By. Customer Ratings. ), where legends, history and archeological findings evoke memories of a long lost city.

Poompuhar History

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Visiting this place will goose bumps for people who have read about Cholas and this city.