Published in 1994 by Strategic Simulations, Inc., Panzer General is still a popular historical battle (specific/exact) title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.5/5 rating. A grouped together set of scenario to form a Campaign. Turn Based World War 2 Strategy Game. Unlike the original Panzer General, campaigns are playable from a German, American, British, or Soviet perspective. The purpose of this site is to list all Panzer General 2 user-made campaigns and to make my own campaigns available.

Steve's Panzer General II Here you will find almost all the campaigns done by PG2 community over the years, but also the maps and the Pacific Efile. (c) 2014 Nicu Pavel. ShpEd Edit. A save game from Panzer can only exist with three other game saves. Latest Updates. Also in the archive are 2 useful PG2 palette files for ShpEd. A campaign can max contain 50 scenarios. In Campaign Mode, the player assumes the role of a German Generalissimus against the Allied computer.

General Edition exclusive bonus materials - New Bonus scenarios: 4 brand new scenarios in which you can test your mettle against the AI.Face new, original situations and adapt your tactics to overcome your opponents. Extensive reading about Tanks, Soldiers, Ships, Aircraft and Wargames. Thousands of photos, great facts, useless trivia and lots of statistics by @usas_ww1. PG 2 : PG II : Panzer General II: Find campaigns, scenarios, utilities, equipment files, patches, links for Panzer General II.

General Strategy for German long campaign: By beaglehead_2 (send comments to beaglehead_2 at Note that I played PG2 using Ray Schroder's equipment file; but if you use the original equipment file, you can just alter a bit of the strategy and it'll be fine.

General Edition. Open General is a turn-based strategy game based on Panzer General II and the 5 Star General Series originally published by SSI. Panzer General II campaigns, scenarios, utilities, equipment files, patches, links and more … Scenarios range from the usual battles comprising Germany’s famous Blitzkrieg, continuing with the American and British push into the Reich, to the final days of Berlin during the Soviet offensive.

makes standard bitmaps from SSI shp files so that you can edit them.

Core units remain with the player throughout the campaign. Date: 2013-02-28 This download contains 2 campaigns. The Adlerkorps Home of the AK Efile, also contains a huge collection of WW2 campaigns, scenarios and smacks. If you know of a Panzer General 2 campaign that is not listed on this site, please contact me. Panzer General II Blitzkrieg!, Defending the Reich, US:Crusade in the West, UK:Crusade in the West, Onward to Berlin

A player can upgrade an/or buy new units during a campaign. /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ [PZR] Panzer General \_____/ [Bug #1: This game has a very unfortunate save game bug.

One plays lone scenarios from either Axis or Allied side and against a computer or human opponent.

7.Panzerarmee (a modification of Dave Anderson's original 7.Panzerarmee campaign - see above) and 7.Panzerarmee Defends the Reich . People's General : WW2 version
Turn Based World War 2 Strategy Game, a remake of old Panzer General 2. If you haven't played Panzer General or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Description of Panzer General.
Panzer General is a computer wargame published by Strategic Simulations in 1994 and set in World War II Gameplay. The Latin Generals Home of the LG Efiles, campaigns and scenarios, covering the American Civil War, WW2 and Cold War periods. Panzer General is a turn-based game, set on operational level hex maps. Welcome to the Official Open General Website About us. It also reconverts them to shp files so they can be used in the games.