If the guard wakes up with the key, but without 100% durability, you'll also be sent to solitary. Plastic Keys are items in The Escapists which, like the Key, can be used to open a certain type door depending on the key type. Doors automatically close behind you. The purpose of Plastic Keys is for the player to be able to obtain a key without being put in to Solitary from knocked out police missing the key you took. Therefore it can only be used 10 times. Entrance Key; A key loses 10% durability per use. The Entrance Key is an item in The Escapists.

You are unable to use the plastic key to create a new key mold. This key is held by one guard and grants access to the outside doors in some prisons that lock up in certain times.

If the guard, unconscious, wakes up without his key, you'll be sent to solitary!