Most of the materials are probably already in your kitchen. I told them that we were going to do an experiment to see what happens to that hard outer shell when it is exposed to dark sugary drinks, like soda and juice. I recently ran across an experiment in a blog that I immediately knew I was going to let Mr. BANG and Drama Queen carry out.

Fluoride and flavor are also added to most toothpastes. Simple Drawing and Art Activities for Kids at The Mad House. 10 Egg Science Experiments at Science Sparks. more.

Contact Author. Just like our elephant toothpaste experiment, the naked egg experiment is another classic at-home science activity. Toothpaste; Toothbrush; What You Do: Carefully place the hard-boiled egg into the empty glass. The "Coca-Cola Egg" experiment demonstrates the effects of Coca-Cola on teeth and answers the question "Does toothpaste really work?" Tooth decay experiment with egg shells We can’t experiment on our own teeth so are using eggs to represent them, as the shell of an egg is made of a similar substance to tooth enamel! Science Experiments from Science Sparks | Bubblegum Post says: March 24, 2014 at 9:50 pm […] 10 Egg Science Experiments […] Reply. EggSperiment Activity Presented in conjunction with Parents and teachers can use this experiment to show children how fluoride helps protect teeth from tooth decay. I explained to my kids that teeth and eggs both have hard outer shells that protect what’s inside. Egg-celent Experiments. Fun and Easy Egg Experiments for Kids. The process starts with boiling eggs ahead of time. Then we tried brushing away the stains to see how toothpaste helped remove the buildup. This experiment uses eggs to represent teeth and vinegar to represent the acids that are made by plaque bacteria, which cause tooth decay and cavities. You’ll also amaze the kids by making the egg’s shell disappear and transforming it into a rubber-like consistency. You will need: 5 boiled eggs Cola Coffee Tea Orange juice Water 5 pint glasses or similar container Method: Place each of the eggs in Make several naked eggs to perform a science experiment with eggs in different liquids and learn about osmosis. 1 can of cola; Fluoride mouth rinse (you can find it in the dental aisle) White vinegar; 4 small, clear plastic containers (big enough to hold an egg) Instructions: Place the eggs in two of your plastic containers. Toothpaste and Brushing Experiment. Leave the egg in the cola overnight.

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