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If you require more answers … The three pillars of sustainability are a powerful tool for defining the complete sustainability problem.

Synonyms for sustained include constant, continuous, perpetual, prolonged, steady, unremitting, continuing, ongoing, running and continual. How to use effort in a sentence. tains 1. If we helped solve your crossword please share our site with your friends or leave a comment on our facebook or twitter page. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Welcome to our website for all Outdated atlas initials: Abbr. Sustain with great effort ; Molecule components ; In ____ of (rather than) Fashion magazine with a French name ____ Lanka Asian island ___ of war ; Big fuss ; Turn back to Daily Themed Crossword Game of Records Answers. Effort definition is - conscious exertion of power : hard work.

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The Three Pillars of Sustainability. Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of difficulty ... a condition or state of affairs almost beyond one's ability to deal with and requiring great effort to bear or overcome; "grappling with financial difficulties" Thanks for visiting The Crossword Solver. If any one pillar is weak then the system as a whole is unsustainable. We've listed any clues from our database that match your search. CUBAN FIGHT IN THE HOUSE; Effort to Secure a Vote on a Resolution to Recognize the Insurgents as Belligerents. 100 clues match for LUG crossword answer in the Crosswords Dictionary - see them here.

Find descriptive alternatives for sustain.

Put in mental effort to make solution stronger. Supplement with difficulty.

Here are the possible answers to the Keep an effort going continuously crossword clue you are looking for, it has 7 letters answer.This answers first letter of which starts with S and can be found at the end of N.

Updated: 7 September 2016 We found 1 answers for the crossword clue Put in mental effort to make solution stronger.. See more.

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Sustain definition, to support, hold, or bear up from below; bear the weight of, as a structure. Former Secretary of State George Shultz, using his own Jeffersonian metaphor, likened the effort to gardening: a continual, never-ending process of tilling, planting, and weeding.

Crossword clues for 'MAKE' Clue Answer; Prepare for a meal (4) MAKE: Model partner? .

The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S. Below you will find the correct answer to Ability to sustain physical effort Crossword Clue, if you need more help finishing your crossword continue your navigation and try our search function . Crossword clues and Answers from LA Times, Universal, Daily Celebrity, NY Times, Daily Mirror, Telegraph, NZ Herald and many more.

Synonyms for sustain at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. This clue was discovered last seen in the June 2 2020 answers at the NZ Herald Crossword. Find descriptive alternatives for sustaining.